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The Plants

The Terrarium is a licensed retail nursery that grows locally in Michigan.  Our tropical houseplant and terrarium collections are curated exclusively from our private stock.   We also seasonally offer select heirloom annual, perennial and produce-bearing plants.  We do not showcase all varieties in-store at all times, so please contact or visit us during our open hours and we would be happy to share with you the many varieties that we carry!

Our flagship product is the ultimate low-maintenance plant experience, and the perfect design point for your home or office.  We also offer custom terrariums for the ultimate statement piece - please contact us for details. 

We offer more than 500 different varieties of tropical plants in-store and online, ranging from common to ultra-exclusive.   If you're interested in cuttings or propagations, we've got you covered - come check out our in-store selection!


We seasonally stock heirloom varietals.   Each growing season, we carefully choose a collection of flowers, crops and herbs that we offer on a limited-run basis.  We also offer customized grow packages for your home garden - please contact us for more information.

Annuals and Perennials

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